Shore of Darkness

Track list:

1.- Begining Ritual3:14
2.- Darkness' Gate4:27
3.- Arkania6:03
4.- Beyond the Voidmp3 download7:28
5.- The Static point of induction8:17
6.- Sacrificemp3 download2:00
7.- Sanctusmp3 download9:55
8.- Invoke of the Wind3:23
9.- Breath3:40
10.- Inmersion10:18
11.- Darkest Shore (bonus track)11:23

Complete set: 70:13 

Collection of both live and studio recordings during early 2000. Based on improvised live performances & rare experiences. The album flows thru some of the styles of the artist: dark and noisy industrial treated sounds, environmental and atmospheric drones and ritualistic tribal ambient. Recorded at the Kennel January-April 2000. New 2012 version includes redone cover artwork and the piece Darkest Shore, a 11 minutes bonus track (Darkest Shore) from the same era.


Recorded, mixed & produced by Ran Kirlian at the Kennel January-April 2000. Remastered at The Blue_Room, August 2012 from the long time lost original tracks.

All tracks composed, performed, arranged and produced by Ran Kirlian at The Kennel on summer 2000.

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